Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So much for a dusting...

I drove to work this morning before the "dusting" of snow happened. Then, as I was trying to navigate through the row of soccer mom vehicles in front of one of the elementary schools, I heard a special weather report on one of my favorite morning radio shows. Apparently it was around this time in 2000 that Kansas City Chiefs football player, Derrick Thomas, got into the vehicle accident that eventually proved fatal. This guy on the radio goes on to say that the weather conditions were also similar to today's when it happened - Temperatures in the 50s the day before, then sudden drop in temperature the next day with crazy high winds and an expected dusting of snow, maybe a half an inch to an inch.
Oh, just fucking fabulous. As if I wasn't a freak of nature enough when driving in the elements, now you have to throw in that little piece of morbid trivia to make it even better. The accident I was in a year and a half ago that totaled my car, but left me pretty much unharmed except for a bloody nose, a fear of driving in shitty weather and a monthly car payment for my new car, made me realize how important it is to drive carefully in the weather - rain or snow or wind for that matter. But, of course everybody else continues to drive like a dumbass. I went to go work from home and of course when I had to head back to work for an interview, I look out the window and see a dusting has turned into a white out blizzard. My 40 minute commute was looking extra fun today.
The wind was blowing so hard that my little Mazda 3 was having major issues staying on the road. I watched, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, as SUV, after SUV whizzed past me on the highway. Sometimes I wish I had a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but really, how fucking stupid can you be? A 4-wheel drive car is not going to help you worth a shit if you have to stop suddenly (which frequently happens on the highway during bad weather because accidents happen and traffic backs up) nor will it prevent you from hydroplaning. Do you have a death wish? I know we all have schedules, but I'm sorry, getting to a job or meeting on time is not worth turning my car into a crushed can or turning me into a bloody, hysterical mess on the side of the highway. And, it's certainly not worth my life. So, let's all try to put aside our pure stupidity or overabundance of testosterone (or both in some cases) and slow the fuck down!
The drive home was a little better because the wind was blowing so hard that it virtually blasted all the snow off the road. I guess the wind is good for something.
Please drive safely.

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Kate said...

The last car accident I was in - where I skidded into a car that had spun out in my lane on the skating rink that was Brookside Blvd and barely missed sliding out into traffic and being blown away by a HUGE pickup - was on the two-year anniversary of Dixie's death. Which, when I realized, made me burst into hysterical tears for a good 10 minutes (which not only confused the police, but almost made them call an ambulance to haul my crazy ass away).


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