Friday, February 1, 2008

K-S-U Wildcats!

Ah, 1983 was such a good year. I mean, it was the year I graced the world with my presence, so that makes it awesome in itself (even if the entire world was wearing leg warmers and teasing their hair into oblivion at the time), but it was also the last time Kansas State beat Kansas at home in basketball – until now.
I’m not usually a sports fan. In fact, it’s pretty amazing that I even know who’s playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, but I love my K-State Wildcats and everything that goes along with them.
I love that school with every fibre of my being. It’s pretty disgusting. I mean, my college experience was basically picture perfect – I met more new people and friends than I can count, there’s thousands of hilarious stories that I tell and re-tell to anybody who will listen (and usually a picture slideshow to go with them), I did the whole sorority thing and stayed involved in that, the campus is beautiful, I loved 98 percent of my professors, the classes were really not that big of a pain in the ass and actually fun sometimes, the fans, students and alumni are insanley loyal, Aggieville is the greatest invention in the history of mankind (and our idea to live two blocks from it our senior year was the second) and I had the most random, life changing experiences there that I would have never had anywhere else. And, it’s all because of K-State – and maybe I’ll give myself a little bit of credit for at least attempting to suck every last drop of life out of my college experience.
Every time I go back to Manhattan - little teeny, tiny, kick ass Manhattan, Kansas - I get this nauseating, sappy-ass nostalgic prideful feeling. It even makes me want to vomit. Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. There’s really only a handful of things in life that can stir that much emotion in me – though I continue to add more things as I get older.
Now, a quarter of a century later, the Wildcats finally beat the Jayhawks at Bramlege. Being young alumni, not being able to make it to the Wednesday night game in Manhattan nor being able to afford tickets, a group of us headed to virtually the only bonafide K-State bar in Kansas City - Kites. It used to be Rusty's, but for one reason or another the name was changed. It makes no difference to me as long as it's still named after a bar in Aggieville - and serves beer in giant 16 ounce cans. A bar in Kansas City packed with people in purple drinking Miller Lite pounders - I mean, really, does it get any better or more college-like than that? Oh wait, it does, because we won!
The game was intense and K-State's coach Frank Martin looked like he was going become the Incredible Hulk at any moment. My head almost exploded a couple of times - mostly because of a few dipshit, cocky KU people around us (why the hell would they go to a K-State bar anyway? It was probably pretty embarassing when we stomped their asses.), but one thing was for sure - this win was no fluke. K-State was the better team - HANDS DOWN. NO QUESTION.
Then, after the win, while students rushed the court and Willie the Wildcat crowd surfed on TV, I proceeded to drink several more giant beers in celebration, resulting in one hideous headache the next day, but it was well worth it.
What's funny is that KU seems to have this weird following of people that didn't even attend the university. What the hell is that anyway? You like KU because your family likes KU, or your sibling, cousin or father's uncle's son went there, or the basketball team has been good since you were a little kid, or because you think Lawrence is, like, totally cooler than Manhattan, or Lawrence is closer to Kansas City, or you think the mascot is prettier, or when you were 8, your best friend Billy said you should like KU because they are totally cooler than K-State. You shouldn't love a team for any of these reasons, nor do you have the right to gloat. That's why when some tard ass is running his/her mouth about KU, I ask, "Oh that's nice, when did you graduate from KU?" And, of course, nine times out of 10, they didn't even go to school there. Where the hell does your loyalty come from? Most likely from one of the reasons mentioned above. You have no ties to the university what-so-ever. That's not loyalty - that's pure bullshit. And, anything you say has zero credibility in my book.
For those that did go to KU - try being a good sport. Your true fans are the rudest I've ever encountered in the Big 12 second only to Iowa State. While I know the only insult you can throw at K-State people is "go drive your John Deere and play with your cows," let's take a moment to analyze this "insult." 1.) Without farmers you could not eat. 2.) Take a look around - we live in Kansas - basically the fucking agricultural capital of the world. Take a step off Mass Street and tell me what you see - oh yeah, tractors, farms and cows. 3.) I, and a large percentage of K-State students, grew up in Johnson County (the snotty suburbs of Kansas City). I'd never even been within 500 feet of a tractor or a cow UNTIL I started working right down the road from Lawrence - what do you think about that? If you are a KU fan who is decent enough to not act like a complete arse in a crowd full of die hard K-Staters - we thank you for not being a douchebag.
K-Staters love K-State because they went there, had the time of their lives there and support all things K-State. While it's an unbelieveable rush to win, I'll never be a fairweather fan. K-State was very good to me when I was there and I continue to carry that with me wherever I go.
That's why I bleed purple...and I always will.

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