Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sleeps With Dogs

This is what happens when I'm put in charge of children:

Isn't it kind of funny (or sad) that my niece Remi would rather pass out in the dog bed with Shadie than a.) in her own bed or b.) on the couch next to her Auntie Harn? I'm totally not like mommy though, for obvious reasons (refer to photo above). Mommy and Mema have nice, squishy boob pillows to offer the child while all I have is a rock hard, bony sternum. Snuggling up next to my scrawny ass is like roughing it style camping. I'd probably choose the dog bed too, but I would like to say that I most definitely smell better.
Scott and Gina went to a concert while I watched the little one and she was just chillin' on the couch with me, when all of a sudden, she walks over to the dog bed and face plants on it. After a bit of thrashing and rolling, she was out. Actually, I was kind of relieved since the kid literally HATES to go to bed (future party animal like the rest of the family) and the fact that she passed out on her own regardless of where it was, made my job a whole lot easier.
I texted Scott: "Ha! Your child just fell asleep with Shadie in the dog bed!"
All I got back was: "TAKE PICS"
And so I did. Shadie eventually just happened to rest her head on Remi's butt, which made the pictures even more "Awwww" worthy. When the parents arrived home, Shadie of course jumped out of the bed to greet them, but Remi just stayed sound asleep so Mom and Dad could gawk, laugh and say "awww!"
I wonder what other families would say if I said, "Hey, I got your kid to sleep, but it passed out in the dog bed with the dog." Perhaps I should stick to babysitting my own flesh and blood.

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