Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shotgun Wedding

Sometimes I think the stories that come out of my extended family could rival those found on the Jerry Springer Show in an upper middle class sort of way, so when my second cousin Aaron left me a message Tuesday that said, "I don't know if you heard, but Ginny and I are getting married on Thursday," as in two days from that day, I immediately called him back.
He proposed to Ginny over Memorial Day weekend, so I knew a wedding was coming in the next year or so, but what was the rush? Then Aaron said, "Ginny's pregnant," while Ginny in the background joked that it was going to be a shotgun wedding. Except I still didn't understand. They already have a two and a half year old son together and while the circumstances were crazy when Aidan was chillin' in the womb, there was no rush to the altar then. But, apparently this time it was an issue with not having insurance and needing prenatal care that prompted the "shotgun wedding," so I guess this time it was more pressing. Oh the stories they'll have to tell their children...
Speaking of stories, theirs is quite interesting. While I'm only at liberty (in the sense that I still want my family to like me after they read this blog) to haphazardly display my own life on the Internet, I'll sum up their story without details just because I love their story in a hopeless romantic with a touch of "oh shit, are you serious?" type of way:

One night -> pregnancy -> baby -> eventual relationship -> proposal -> pregnancy -> "shotgun wedding"

I liked Ginny the minute I met her and it might have had something to do with the way I met her and her reaction. Right after Aidan was born, I was standing in Kelly's in Westport when I ran into some guys from high school who pointed her out as "the baby mama." Then it sort of went, "Hi, I'm Lara, you just bore my third cousin. What's your name?" After a short conversation and an exchange of numbers, she hugged me and I headed on my way.
I didn't see her for months and Aaron made no indication that he was going to date her until one day, she showed up at one of our family things and she's been around ever since. I'm not sure how or when it happened and I don't ask questions. I just smile at the rare success story. Maybe they didn't "do it like you're supposed to" or whatever, but it all worked out in the end, so who gives a shit? It kinda gives me warm fuzzies...
So, I came home from work today, threw on a dress, met my sister and Remi and headed to good old O-town for the small planned-in-two-days wedding at the Nazarene Church. Having no idea what to expect because of the timeframe, this is what I observed:

*Everytime I walk into a church I feel like either I'm going to go up in flames or the entire building will be engulfed, but miraculously it never happens.
* The guests were all family except for the maid of honor and best man.
* I thought it was hilarious that Aidan was the one who walked his parents down the aisle in a tiny tuxedo.
* Ginny had a white gown, Aaron in a tux and there was a full ceremony including lighting the unity candle.
* Cake and punch "reception" afterwards where A and G smashed cake all over each others faces and I expected no less from those two.
* Remi and Aidan chasing party favor bubbles provided the entertainment in the absence of a DJ or alcohol.
* After asking Aaron what he was going to do afterwards, I found out their honeymoon would consist of watching "Last Comic Standing" and going to bed.

While there are plans for a bigger wedding later, this was more than I thought it was going to be and we were in and out of there in less than an hour and a half. It was almost like one of those weddings you wish people would have instead of trying to outdo all the other couples with a gigantic circus for a wedding. And, I do believe it was the classiest "shotgun wedding" anyone has ever witnessed - even those really fancy ones where everyone ends up naked and covered in cake on Jerry Springer's stage.

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