Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unwanted Serenading

My eyes popped open at 8:30 a.m. to the sound of the loudest banging ever known to man, most likely heightened by the slight hangover I had from staying out too late with a date the night before...nice guy so far by the way, along with the jabber of rapid conversations in Spanish. Oh yeah, I forgot, the siding was being replaced over the rest of the week apparently by a band of none other than and most likely illegal hispanic dudes. Wonderful.
Then, the mariachi music started...and the singing...and the singing along with the banging. I stayed in bed determined to sleep in a bit since I usually allowed myself to do so on Thursday mornings and also because I was plotting a quick escape from bed into my closet to put some clothes on. I was fairly certain, even though the blinds were closed, that this guy ripping the siding off right next to my bedroom window could see me laying in bed. Perhaps it was the louder than necessary banging or the constant cracking up or mention of the word "ella" which means "she" or "her" I believe. I really was not in the mood to entertain a group of Mexican construction workers with my more or less naked ass.
Later on, I hid in my closet to dress after my shower and I swear to god I heard the word "coochie" within a hushed tone conversation outside and I immediately shut myself inside the closet. Perhaps I'm being completely paranoid, but I could have sworn...
Anyway, Andy's constant barking at the dude on the back balcony, my psycho self feeling the need to duck and cover everytime I see a shadow through the blinds, being ogled far longer than necessary while I walk the dog, trying not to fall down the stairs while scaling large mountains of old siding everytime I leave the apartment, the fact that my apartment no longer has a number since it got ripped off with the siding, which confuses the poor Dominos Pizza delivery boy trying to find apartment 104, has been a blast, but I'm ready for the allotted three days to be over. I feel sorry for the people that live in bigger buildings in the complex.

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