Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The World Wide Web

I got an e-mail from a guy in South Africa praising my work today.
Apparently this guy named Jonathan in Cape Town owns five Jack Russell Terriers, scans the Internet daily for stories about crazy JRTs and finds a new one almost everyday, he said:

"I really loved the piece that you published today. You and your dog are very lucky to have one another."

I couldn't believe my column about Andy published in a mofoing tiny ass newspaper in Kansas popped up in one of his searches, so I went to Google news and typed in Jack Russell Terrier. Sure enough, my column was at the top of the list. Well, I'll be damned.
The Internet is just mind boggling. You just never know who's going to stumble upon your stuff. Then, I couldn't believe this guy was thoughtful enough to write me a little note. How cool is that? You can read the column here.

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