Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roy the Cheese Boy

I've got one straggler from really a straggler...more like a fighter. Roy has hung on for dear life despite the awesome-ness that is dating me these days. Even after declaring (in his own words) that I'm "hard to get to know" and "a difficult woman" he still keeps calling and asking me out...hmmm, what's with this guy? ; )
I make myself sound so charming, but really, most of it is just a mixture of humor and a defense mechanism I've developed through my years of dating. Another thing is, I'm still trying to figure out the intensity of feelings for him, which is going up and down and taking longer than it ever has before. This slow crawl of relationship progress seems to be working for now, but at least I know that even if it doesn't go any further, I want to be friends with him. He's interesting, genuine and I enjoy being around him, which is more than I can say for most of the men I've dated.
Anyway, he's a brand manager for Borden Cheese and the king of trying different activities. I'm like, lets go get a drink, and he's all, lets go fly a kite or have a pool party at the Intercontinental Hotel. So, when he said he had lab samples that he had to test out from work and he wanted to have me over tonight to make mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches, not only was I not surprised, but my 3-year-old taste in cuisine went, hell yes!
Another couple he knows from school came over to help evaluate and compare the melting appeal of Borden vs. Velveeta vs. Kraft along with color, taste, texture...quite educational. I felt like I was on a market research panel and the best part was the packages actually said "lab sample" on them.
Another plus about Roy the cheese boy? His friends are pleasant too and he played a good host by entertaining us with stories about him puking at work after trying a lab sample with fish oil in it, his uncanny ability to burn grilled cheese after grilled cheese then cussing loudly after each mishap and dropping a hamburger on the floor, standing back to stare at it in disbelief for a couple of seconds, then rinsing it off in the sink.
Hats off to cheese boy. That was probably the most interesting date I've ever had. So, the straggler appeals to the "difficult woman" through a shared love of cheese. Stranger things have happened, but not many.

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