Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things I've Never Done

I spent four years in Manhattan and have been back several times since graduation, yet many "firsts" happened during our trip this past weekend. In a game of "I never" I will now be able to drink if these events happen to come up.
I've never:

* Sat that close to the field during a football game.
Since graduation we've enjoyed posing as students and sitting in the rowdy student section, but now that the method of getting tickets along with the student IDs have changed it's nearly impossible. We settled for the north end zone, but found it surprisingly OK. The band was still nice and loud, we actually got to watch the students do the Wabash while doing it ourselves and we could hear the players shit talk when they were near the goal line. The scary thing was that we actually liked the fact that we could sit down for most of the game unlike in the student section where you must stand the whole time. I think we might be getting old.

* Had no desire to tailgate.
Drinking massive amounts of beer out of plastic cups while listening to great music and metal washers clink in a gravel parking lot crawling with shitfaced frat boys is a standard pre K-State football game activity, however, we drank ourselves so far into oblivion in Aggieville the night before that we had no desire to even look at a Miller Lite. Ew. We did still stroll through the lot, just sans cups.

* Visited the surface of the sun.
I'm pretty sure it was the hottest day ever recorded in Manhattan in September. We were all, why the hell is it 155 degrees at the end of September? We managed to escape heat stroke the first half of the game, but decided not to press our luck and left at halftime. We sported a sexy full body salt film and matted hair while shopping in Aggieville that afternoon and sunburns while drinking in Aggieville that night. Hot.

* Touched the hands of players.
We were totally K-State football player groupies at halftime by standing near the locker room with our hands out so they could slap them on their way in. Ron Prince also walked within inches of us. It was quite celebrity-esque.

* Visited "The Lou" during the day and while of age.
A certain Aggieville establishment known as The Lou is a little shithole hallway of a bar that we often used to visit just after noon when we were 19. It's so dark and smelly in there that when we emerged several hours and pitchers of beer later, we were blinded by the sun. It was quite strange to hang out in that place Saturday night without worrying the cops were going to bust through the door and walk out of the place into the dark of night without hissing and winching like a vampire.

Of course along with the I nevers, there were also the things we always do and sometimes do, which make a Manhattan trip. Have I mentioned I love that place?

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