Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You know you want to be able to say this...

Today I wondered, where is the sisterly/friend love? My sister and friends are fabulous, don't get me wrong, but they could be doing more to ensure my future happiness...such as doing my man shopping for me.
I was on assignment today and the school district communications coordinator chick was talking about how her sister had gotten married last weekend. After a few details, she revealed that she had actually introduced her sister to her future husband two years ago. Apparently she spotted a young male teacher at one of the elementary schools, immediately thought of her sister and had the balls to milk information out of the school secretary, who later got back to her and said, 'he'd be happy to meet her!' Two years later, they were married.
Um, excuse me? Just like that? If it's so easy then why haven't I received a little help from my friends? I mean, I'm not looking to get hitched tomorrow, but it would be nice to meet somebody in the fairly near future that could potentially and eventually become the hubs.
So, I ask you lovely, thoughtful, helpful friends and family of mine, wouldn't you just love to be able to say you had a hand in my future marital bliss? Wouldn't you just love to say you saved me from spinsterhood? You know you do.
OK, you now have permission and are encouraged to man shop for me. It could quite possibly be more enjoyable than shoe shopping, so hop to it y'all, hop to it.

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