Monday, April 6, 2009

Brit Brit strikes again

Apparently I have more patience on a Monday rather than a Friday, so I posted the Britney videos for you viewing pleasure. Yes, I recorded all of these myself at the concert on Thursday night even getting in trouble once for doing so. I'm so bad.

I think this is the best one, plus, she's crawling around in a lion's cage.

I had to record this gem "If You Seek Amy" because it's her clever little way of telling the world through song that everybody wants to fuck her. As you can see from the dance moves, she is in no way, shape or form "seeking Amy." Check out the dancer on the right. Get it girl!

And, the song that started all the batshitass crazy debauchery that is Britney:

Oh wait, I almost forgot...Did you see this yet?

Oh, you did? Oh, so sorry...


thatsilverlining said...

I had heard from some peeps who went to see Britney at her kickoff show in NOLA that she lipsynced the entire show. But hey, at least its a good show!

And....I kind of like her too. But I only liked her AFTER she went crazy and came back to earth. Is that weird?

sour said... many times did she change clothes?

Kate said...

So much pelvic thrusting...

Prosy said...

I was kind of disappointed that the circus show didn't include any tigers.


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