Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deep *SIGH*

God fucking dammit. I went three whole days without feeling bad and now here I am feeling sad about the break up. Somebody just punch me in the damn face and tell me to snap the hell out of it. What can I say? I have a soul.

I'll be meeting my friend Caroline at a drinking/shopping event in about an hour, so that should probably lift my spirits since I can't quite think of anything better than drinking and shopping...especially when done together. And, there's a free concert tomorrow, so I can't really complain.

I am also quite disappointed that the Wendy's fairy also decided to skip my house yesterday when handing out coupons for free breakfast sandwiches. I noticed these big ass door hangers on the knobs of all my downstairs neighbor's doors and apparently Wendy's fairies are too lazy to fly up stairs because I didn't get I took matters into my own hands...and stole one off somebody else's door.

What? I'm fairly sure (fairly being the key word) the cat guy moved out, so it would have gone to waste anyway. Yeaaaah! Free breakfast for me tomorrow...if I get up in time.


kate said...

When you get sad-face about the break-up, just go back and re-read what you wrote about it the other day and remember that you did this for a VERY good reason:

"Sometimes is takes a while to realize when somebody in your life is no longer bringing you happiness, but is in fact bringing you down. Reflecting back on the last several months, I see that my life began taking a nosedive right around January and has continued in that downward motion since then...until I figured out what my problem actually was. I learned at a young age that some people are just poisonous and as long as they're in your life, they'll continue to suck the life out of you...That one little (read: HUGE) thing has had a remarkable affect on my mood and my behavior - I'm not worried or anxious or pissed off or sad or disappointed all the time anymore - I'm relaxed and open and HAPPY and myself again...Nearly fucking euphoric I tell you...weights being lifted...sighs of relief...and it's amazing how your life instantly lifts once you remove yourself from a bad situation."

You deserve someone/something deserve to have someone who actually makes you happy and treats you well. You'll be alright, yo :)

Prosy said...

Lazy wendy's fairies. When victoria's secret used to put those free panty coupons in magazines I used to steal them

Vic said...

Nothing soothes heart ache like breakfast sandwiches. Except maybe crack, but the sandwiches are free, so, yay!

Dingo said...

I haven't been reading very long so I don't know much about your relationship but I do know that if your first feeling about letting go of a relationship is relief, then you made the right decision.
As for the Wendy's fairies? You know that their wings are too fragile to lift their one-too-many-Frosty's asses off the first floor. I'm glad you got a free breakfast sandwich coupon. It's not stealing, it's just redistribution.

Amy said...

I feel as though this was a utilitarian move. You "taking" the coupon serves the greater good. Fast food is a mood elevator, and a free bfast sammie will make you less likely to kill aformentioned cat-man. See? Utilitarian! Hooray!


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