Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Five Years

Here is a picture of my friends and me molesting a giant bronze statue of a wildcat this past weekend on the campus of our Alma Mater, Kansas State University, in Manhattan, Kansas.

Why? Because apparently you're supposed to rub his nose for good luck. We went back to see Kate's little sister graduate and saw a variety of graduates in their caps and gowns mobbing it all weekend for pictures.

This is a tradition that has developed in the five years since we all graduated from K-State, but because we're such loyal, die hard alums, there was no way we were missing out.

In fact, we looked around on our five year anniversary and noticed so many things that have changed since our days at K-State — old, shithole party houses knocked down to make way for multilevel apartment complexes, new bars, new businesses (HyVee? Olive Garden? Bed, Bath and Beyond? Holy shit, dude, in OUR day we survived without all of that!)...Manhattan is growing from a tiny, charming college town in the middle of the Kansas prairie to an actual city where you can get everything you need without driving to the nearest booming Kansas metropolis. We remembered how we had to drive an hour to the Best Buy in Topeka when we were in school in an attempt to fix our ailing computers — pain in the ASS — and something that students no longer have to worry about.

With the exception of the "rubbing the nose for luck" tradition, we sort of turned our noses up at the new stuff. We all loved our time in tiny, charming Manhattan. Sometimes we had to get pretty creative to find everything we needed, but that was part of the experience. I always get all sappy and clutch my chest, all overcome with nostalgia when I talk about K-State — then and now. Every trip back since we graduated has been memorable, but I think it's safe to say that this last one was one of the best.

My letter of intent for grad school at CU Denver remains unsigned, but I'm pretty sure it will be on it's way next week. While my brain is completely preoccupied right now with this pending adventure at a different school in a new city, I'll always bleed purple.


kate said...

Back in MY day, we had to shop at the Dillon's when we wanted groceries...and we didn't get a Super Wal-Mart until Junior Year. These young-un's don't even KNOW.

This weekend was pretty epic. I miss Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

What a cute photo! Well at least you were molesting his NOSE. When I lived downtown in NYC I had to suffer endless tourists rubbing that Wall Street bull's big brass balls. Seriously, the bull was all weathered but he had balls like a shiny new penny due to all the fervent tourist rubbing. :)

Sheridan said...

Awww, Manhattan, Kansas. The best place on Earth. Firmly believe it.

Luna said...

i feel the same about my school. i'm not done yet but i still have love for it. i had a similar experience when i went back to visit my high school some months ago. some things are the same and others are very different but you cant help but have some love for a place that you went to for a while.


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