Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F**k You.

This is what I'm saying mainly to grad school right now along with so many other things:

F**K grad school for sucking the life out of me...F**K group project members for being flaky retards...all of said flaky retards are men, by the way, so F**K men too. And, F**K myself for leaving my entire notebook full of school stuff at home...F**K FedEx for having shitty overnight shipping and not delivering my notebook on time...or anywhere near on time. F**K having a test tomorrow and not understanding a damn thing that I will be tested over...F**K not having my notes to study with because my notebook is off in goddamn oblivion first because of my F**KING self then because of F**KING FedEx...F**K having to see a certain greasy F**Ktard in class twice a week for another two weeks...F**K having four presentations in a week...F**K the hoodrats on public transportation...F**K your mom...F**K freezing cold weather that I have to walk in all damn day...F**K me for not going to school in Florida...F**K having to go to grad school in the first place...F**K grad school for having finals week when in reality it's finals month...F**K parking in Denver...F**K not being able to sleep because my body is trying to decide whether it should have a heart attack or not from the stress...F**K not having time to unpack my suitcase from Thanksgiving break...F**K having a 17 hour work day yesterday with no pay...F**K looking like a hot mess...F**K naysayers...F**K FedEx...F**K FedEx...F**K FEDEX! F**K graduate school...F**K it all!

I'm sure there are other things I need to yell F**K at, but that will do for now. To avoid a meltdown...kind of...I'm blogging instead — I can't study anyway without a F**KING notebook — and listening to a certain song on repeat — Cee Lo Green's "F**k You." You might say, Harna, why are you using the little ** instead of just typing the whole word out? Well, that's how iTunes displays it, so I thought it might be more fun.

I first heard a cover of this at the Sara Bareilles concert I went to about two weeks ago, which was amazing and I still haven't gotten to write about because of F**KING grad school. The song and the video instantly made me feel better. There's just something about yelling 'fuck you' with some soul that makes everything OK. Unlike iTunes, YouTube proudly displays that ever important vowel and her friend "c," something I can fully respect.

My favorite parts are:

"Ooo, I really hate yo ass right now." (grad school)

"Ain't that some shit." (grad school)

and of course...

"Fuck you!" (grad school)



Megs said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of grad school!

On a side note, I never understand half the crap I was tested on and still managed to get that (*completely f-ing useless MS*). So, I'm thinking you will too.

Unless your head implodes. Course if that happens you won't care about grad school anymore anyway.

So it's a win/win, really.

Logical Libby said...

I say fuck you to grad school every month -- when I pay my student loan.

Harna said...

I just about killed one of the flaky retards earlier. I will remember my beheading with words fondly...Also, head implosion may be possible, however I did hunt down the FedEx tards and got my notebook, so I'm feeling a little better-ish.
Dammit Libby, I almost gave a fuck you to loans too, but I figured that can wait another two years when I'm really pissed...

Organic Meatbag said...

Hmmm...not enough fucking going on in this one for me...but i'll let that slide :)


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